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Single Page Interface Web Site

This web site is not page based, it uses the Single Page Interface approach.

This technique implies that only changing parts of the web page are dynamically loaded and replaced avoiding full page reload. This drastically reduces bandwith and site navigation is quicker and comfortable avoiding blinks and some annoying scroll movements typical of page based web sites. For instance when you click on a drop-down menu a new section is loaded and drop-down menu does not disappear.

In spite of there are not pages, you can still save any section as bookmark and use Back/Forward buttons with no reload. All of sections are SEO compatible, that is, accessible for search engine crawlers like Google.

The Single Page Interface approach has been possible thanks to the framework ItsNat, Natural AJAX. This framework is strongly oriented to this kind of web sites and applications.

Single Page Interface logo logo has been designed by Tim Samshuijzen.
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