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2015, Jul 24


Now since 29 € per developer license.

2009, Apr 12


Now since 149 € per developer license. 1 year support by e-mail included.

2007, Apr 25

News now in RSS format too

2006, Sept 14

JNIEasy v1.1 in the news

TheServerSide.com, javaHispano.org, JavaLobby.org, java.net, Matrix.org.cn

2006, Sept 13

Fixed the site search box

2006, June

JNIEasy v1.0 in the news

TheServerSide.com, javaHispano.org, JavaLobby.org, Matrix.org.cn

2006, May 6-30

JNIEasy v0.9 in the news

JavaPosse.com, javaHispano.org, java.net, javalobby.org, JavaNews.jp

2006, May 5

Innowhere website goes to public

Releases & Product Updates
2008, March 31

Released JNIEasy 1.2.1. Added Solaris x86 and Mac 10.5 Leopard support.

Fixed problems on Mac OS X 10.4

Download. Release Notes.

2008, January 18

Released JNIEasy 1.2 with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) support

Download. Release Notes.

2007, Apr 25

Removed the "Audit" clause (item 12) in JNIEasy's license

2006, Dec 21

Are you interested on the Source Code?


2006, Sept 13

Released JNIEasy 1.1 Linux & Windows

Download. Release Notes.

2006, June 9

Released JNIEasy 1.0 final

Download. Comercial licenses can be purchased !.

2006, May 11

Added online tutorial

Support section, link

2006, May 5

JNIEasy 0.9 beta version is released to public review

Visit the download section and/or read the online documentation.

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