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Welcome to JNIEasy web site by Innowhere a technical service of Jose María Arranz Santamaría. The main objective of Innowhere is developing innovative, cutting-edge, development tools, to boost your productivity and simplify your "development life", using "developer friendly" license models (and affordable prices in case of JNIEasy).
JNIEasy : Java Native Objects

JNIEasy has been opensourced in GitHub! Code of licence management has been removed.

JNIEasy starts a new programming paradigm, the Java Native Objects (JNO), JNIEasy is a full replacement of the Java Native Interface (JNI) to integrate Java and C/C++ based libraries and DLLs using Java Only and POJOs (Plain Old Java Object). JNIEasy avoids the tedious and complex task of bridging Java and C/C++ code with the complex and error-prone JNI with no C/C++ programming and using a Java friendly syntax.

JNO is like the transparent persistence paradigm into the integration world: Transparent Native Programming with Java.

With JNIEasy a normal Java class, with fields and methods, is reflected as a normal C++ class or C structure and vice versa. A Java integer, String, array etc is seen as a native integer, string, and array. No more strange Java artifacts, no more strange and unfriendly Java programming.

JNIEasy is FREE for personal and non-profit use.

JNIEasy lives here at Innowhere.com More info.

LAMEOnJ : The LAME symmetric Java MP3 encoder API

LAMEOnJ is a 100% Java API wrapping the standard LAME API. Under the hood the Java methods call the exported lame_enc.dll/libmp3lame.so/libmp3lame.dylib methods and LAME structures are reflected in symmetric Java classes.

LAMEOnJ is open source and is based on JNIEasy and lives at SourceForge

Latest News
2016, Aug 21

JNIEasy has been opensourced!!

Find it in GitHub. Licence management code is not included.

2015, Jul 24


Now since 29 € per developer license.

2009, Apr 12


Now since 149 € per developer license. 1 year support by e-mail included.

2007, Apr 25

News now in RSS format too

2006, Sept 14

JNIEasy v1.1 in the news

TheServerSide.com, javaHispano.org, JavaLobby.org, java.net, Matrix.org.cn

2006, Sept 13

Fixed the site search box

2006, June

JNIEasy v1.0 in the news

TheServerSide.com, javaHispano.org, JavaLobby.org, Matrix.org.cn

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Releases &
Product Updates
2008, March 31

Released JNIEasy 1.2.1. Added Solaris x86 and Mac 10.5 Leopard support.

Fixed problems on Mac OS X 10.4

Download. Release Notes.

2008, January 18

Released JNIEasy 1.2 with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) support

Download. Release Notes.

2007, Apr 25

Removed the "Audit" clause (item 12) in JNIEasy's license

2006, Dec 21

Are you interested on the Source Code?


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