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Welcome to Innowhere the technical home of Jose María Arranz Santamaría, the creator of JNIEasy, the world's most advanced tool to integrate Java and C/C++ using Java POJOs, ItsNat Natural AJAX, the easiest and powerful Java AJAX web framework for SEO compatible Single Page Interface web sites, and JEPLayer an ORM focused on JTA and multiple databases to make easy horizontal scaling of RDBMs. The main objective of Innowhere is developing innovative, cutting-edge, development tools, to boost your productivity and simplify your "development life", using "developer friendly" license models (and affordable prices in case of JNIEasy).
RelProxy : Hot class reloader for Java and Groovy, including scripting support and shell of pure Java code

RelProxy is a simple Java and Groovy hot class reloader for Java and Groovy providing transparent compilation and class reload on the fly, and scripting support and shell of pure Java code.

In case of Java "scripting", there is no a new language, is pure Java code with compilation on the fly.

In spite of RelProxy is a general purpose tool it was heavily inspired in ItsNat web framework to provide hot class reload in development time... and if you want also in production.

ItsNat : Natural AJAX. Component Based Java Web Application Framework

ItsNat is an innovative open source (GNU Lesser General Public License v3/Commercial license) Java AJAX Component based Web Framework. It offers a natural approach to the modern web development. Why natural? ItsNat leverages the old tools to build the new AJAX based Web 2.0 applications: pure (X)HTML, pure W3C DOM... and pure Java!. ItsNat is server centric using a unique approach called TBITS, "The Browser Is The Server": ItsNat simulates a Universal W3C Java Browser at the server, with ItsNat the server mimics the behavior of a web browser, containing a W3C DOM Level 2 node tree and receiving W3C DOM Events.

Of course this web site is done with ItsNat and Single Page Interface based with no sacrify of SEO, bookmarking, back/forward buttons...

ItsNat has a separated web site www.itsnat.org

On development ItsNat Droid for delivering remotely Android native layouts.

JNIEasy : Java Native Objects

JNIEasy has been opensourced in GitHub! Code of licence management has been removed.

JNIEasy starts a new programming paradigm, the Java Native Objects (JNO), JNIEasy is a full replacement of the Java Native Interface (JNI) to integrate Java and C/C++ based libraries and DLLs using Java Only and POJOs (Plain Old Java Object). JNIEasy avoids the tedious and complex task of bridging Java and C/C++ code with the complex and error-prone JNI with no C/C++ programming and using a Java friendly syntax.

JNO is like the transparent persistence paradigm into the integration world: Transparent Native Programming with Java.

With JNIEasy a normal Java class, with fields and methods, is reflected as a normal C++ class or C structure and vice versa. A Java integer, String, array etc is seen as a native integer, string, and array. No more strange Java artifacts, no more strange and unfriendly Java programming.

JNIEasy is FREE for personal and non-profit use.

JNIEasy lives here at Innowhere.com More info.

JEPLayer : Object Relational Mapper leveraging JDBC focused on JTA and multiple DB

JEPLayer was born to provide a simple API to avoid the tedious tasks of JDBC and/or JTA, several optional listeners to fully customize the lifecycle of JDBC persistence (simple and non-invasive IoC), methods to build simple and complex DAOs, automatic attribute-table field binding or fully customized.

Does not replace JDBC, instead of this, JDBC objects are exposed when required, ever using PreparedStatement, ever secure, automatically cached and reused using a fluid API for queries similar to JPA.

Extremely simple, automatic, configurable, declarative and programmatic, non-invasive and error-free way to demarcate JDBC and JTA transactions, JTA transaction declaration with the same semantics as JavaEE EJB beans with extremely simple and error-free two-phase commit JTA transactions for multiple databases, false JTA transactions with pure JDBC infrastructure (change to real JTA with a simple method call).

Multiple database management to be used for easily horizontal scaling RDBM databases.

JEPLayer has a separated web site code.google.com/p/jeplayer/

JEPLDroid : The port of JEPLayer to Android

JEPLDroid is a feature reduced version of JEPLayer removing stuff not compatible or hard to port to Android environment like JTA APIs.

JEPLDroid can works with any Android compatible JDBC driver but specifically it leverages the JDBC API provided by SQLDroid, the famous JDBC driver for the built-in SQLite database engine included in any Android based device.

JEPLDroid lives at code.google.com/p/jepldroid/

LAMEOnJ : The LAME symmetric Java MP3 encoder API

LAMEOnJ is a 100% Java API wrapping the standard LAME API. Under the hood the Java methods call the exported lame_enc.dll/libmp3lame.so/libmp3lame.dylib methods and LAME structures are reflected in symmetric Java classes.

LAMEOnJ is open source and is based on JNIEasy and lives at SourceForge

XPDOM (Cross Platform DOM) : W3C-DOM Level 2 JavaScript compatibility layer

This library is very old stuff (circa year 2002) and listed here just for historical purposes, it was created to provide W3C-DOM Level 2 APIs to browsers like Internet Explorer 4 or Netscape Navigator 4.x (yes really).

IDF : Integrador de Diagramas de Flujo

Integrador de Diagramas de Flujo (IDF) es una aplicación visual para Windows XP o superior para el diseño y ejecución de diagramas de flujo a través de herramientas visuales, el comportamiento está codificado en C++ y cargado dinámicamente a través de DLLs.

Es una aplicación terminada en 1998 (fue mi proyecto fin de carrera en la ETSIIM) con alguna pequeña modificación posterior.

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